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1618 ENERGY is backed by a team of multidisciplinary specialists who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With diverse academic backgrounds and a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry, our professionals are equipped to handle complex challenges. They possess in-depth knowledge of environmental management and have actively participated in driving public and private administrative and institutional reforms. This unique combination of skills enables us to provide innovative and effective energy consulting solutions to our clients, ensuring sustainable and impactful outcomes.

We are multidisciplinary specialists who possess a wealth of expertise covering extensive academic backgrounds, thorough knowledge of the energy industry, environmental management, and a deep involvement in public and private administrative and institutional reforms





1618 ENERGY works with public and private sectors to mitigate the costs and reduce the risks associated with projects in strategic planning, policy development, project feasibility and management, deregulation and privatization, energy engineering, renewable energy, energy audit, environmental management and sustainable development

Our Strengths

1618 ENERGY is committed to delivering exceptional service quality to our clients, empowering them to reach their goals and objectives through our unwavering strengths, which include:

  • Strong expertise in energy consulting
  • High mobility
  • Hands on experience
  • Knowledge of the regional energy market
  • Competency in private and public partnerships

Our commitment

1618 ENERGY is dedicated to providing outstanding quality of service to its clients by helping them achieve their goals and objectives through:

  • Analysis and assessment of client’s needs
  • Identification and development of the client’s human resources
  • Strategic partnering with internationally recognized companies

Providing services that are sustainable through the project's lifetime

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