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1618 ENERGY is an independent consultancy firm in energy, environment privatization and sustainable development operating in Lebanon and the region.

The successful integration of academic know-how, garnered through rigorous study and research, with the invaluable insights gained from substantial professional experience, creates a formidable combination that yields exceptional results

Message from the Chairman:

Nowadays, energy has become an existential challenge for countries, societies, and communities all over the world.  Risks associated with the security and diversity of energy sources have increased exponentially, threatening national economies and the wellbeing of people.  To mitigate these risks, countries are racing to reduce emissions, shifting from fossil fuel to renewable energy and embracing energy efficiency, thus “Empowering the Energy Transformation”.

I am thrilled to announce the establishment of 1618 ENERGY, SAL as an independent consultancy firm specialized in energy, environment and sustainable development operating in Lebanon and the region.  From energy strategy and policy advice to energy economics, feasibility studies and energy management, our energy

Fields of Activities

Breadth and depth knowledge in energy business

Energy Economics

The broad spectrum of financial and economic tasks include production costing, demand analysis and forecast, reliability evaluation, tariff studies, cost analysis and budgeting, cash flow analysis, and financial/economic modeling

Studies & Feasibility

The scope of analysis encompasses fuel substitution studies, feasibility assessments for rental power, exploration of renewable energy options, studies on generation technology, and conducting breakeven analyses.

Energy Management

The comprehensive range of services extends to energy purchasing portfolio management, implementation of demand-side management strategies, deployment of energy efficiency solutions, and provision of operation and maintenance guidance.

Energy Strategy & Policy Advice

The advisory services encompass policy development, formulation of master plans, and the provision of strategic guidance and management advice

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